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The Pratley Company, if you like, is a tech startup.

We’re a small team of designers and dreamers, and for the last 12 months we’ve been creating a device and a smartphone app that allows you to take, view and share 3D photos and videos directly from your smartphone. We’ve called it the True-View™.

We’ve taken the time to get this right. We didn’t want to knock up a quick job and launch an inferior product. We constantly take inspiration from our Grandfather, Raymond Pratley (affectionately knows as “Pops”), who passed away at the end of 2011. He was a man of his word and stood for integrity, quality, heritage, and the desire to “do things properly”. He taught us that if you work hard on something you believe in, you can make it happen. That’s the driving force behind what we’re trying to do here.

We’ve managed to attract some really talented people to work on this project with us, from scientists and optical specialists, to designers, engineers and manufacturers. We’ve gone through dozens of mock-ups and we now have a ‘proof of concept’ and a fully working prototype.

Everything is set up for us to make this device a reality. All we need to do now is raise the funds for tooling and manufacturing to be able to take the True-View™ to market.

We decided to use Kickstarter as the platform to do this. If you’re not aware, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website. The nuts and bolts of it is this: if you believe in the product / the brand and you want to see it succeed, you can ‘back’ our project by one of two ways: (1.) You can pre-order the True-View™ by pledging money towards it at that pledge level; or (2.) You can choose any of the awesome rewards we’ve created (which are all based around Pops and The Pratley Co). You can also share our Kickstarter campaign page by emailing it to friends and family, and sharing it on social media. Any money we make goes towards making this a reality. Our Kickstarter campaign is live right now - check it out!


Right now, we’ve got our heads down to make this dream a reality. We’re finalising the app, putting some finishing touches to the device, and getting ready for the Big Reveal on Kickstarter. Here’s a visual summary of our journey so far, and where we’re headed...

Pratley's Timeline

“Get busy, son. Nobody’s gonna do it for you” - Pops Pratley, the inspiration behind The Pratley Company.

We’re about creativity. We’re influenced by heritage and tradition, but we love modern technology and new-school things too. We have a huge appreciation for people who ‘think outside the box’. You know, the ones who are told they “can’t do it”, but they do it anyway. They do it their way, and they do it well.

Look at Kerouac. “On The Road” was initially rejected. It sat dormant for 6 years. Did that stop him? Hell, no! Even Bob Dylan once said that Kerouac “changed my life”. Ain’t that summin’?

We’re honest in what we do. We feel the need to give back. And we’re doing this responsibly, just the way Pops would have wanted it.

Enter your email address at the bottom of this page, or click the "When" button up top and enter it there. We’ll drop you a line once we’re ready to rock.  And we’re hoping you’ll become advocates of our brand.

Pops Himself

Peter Brennan
Founder, The Pratley Company.

Peter is a designer from England who grew up in South Africa. He has a passion for all things vintage and draws heavy inspiration from old school products and designs, due to Pops teaching him from a young age about how important quality is. He studied Graphic Design at Mediatek in Durban before completing a Marketing & Business Management MBM through Oxford-Brookes.

His first job was with sister agencies, International Concept Organisation (ICO) and International Trend Institute (iti) where he learnt the tricks of the marketing and advertising trade. He then spent nearly 4 years working in the marketing department at Quiksilver South Africa, before spending 7 years in London working for Major Players, a leading creative recruitment agency to some of the UK's most established marketing & advertising agencies.

Peter has travelled extensively throughout Europe, USA, Africa and Asia Pacific. During a recent 4 month road trip through America he discovered an idea that would go on to be the lightbulb moment that gave birth to The Pratley Company.

He now resides between Sydney and London. He surfs. He has tattoos. And he has an imaginary dog named Daisy that follows him everywhere he goes.

Oscar Fernandez
Creative Director, The Pratley Company.

Oscar is an Industrial Designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He operates out of a design space on the infamous 'K Road,' Auckland Central's hotspot and lifestyle hub. Graduating from Massey University in 2011, he was quickly drafted into a corresponded internship with Honda R&D Europe as a team manager to design concept motorcycles for the new generation of riders. Further inspired by Automotive Design, he made the move to Germany, to pursue further experience with other large name clients such as BMW and Samsung, through Pilotfish GmbH, Munich.

Oscar has traveled the world both as a young child and adult to most continents and lived in Australasia, Europe and Asia. His experience overseas has allowed him to understand many different socioeconomic backgrounds and given him the opportunity to observe the day-to-day design that different parts of the world have to offer.

He is also an incredibly handsome man, masked in a beard the gods would be proud of. Some say he grew it in a week. Other say overnight. Others say he was born with it.

1% for the Planet Member

Sustainability & The Pratley Company

The Pratley Company is a proud member of 1% For The Planet. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it means we donate 1% of our sales to environmental organisations that are affiliated with the 1% For The Planet organisation. Find out more by clicking the 1%FTP logo.

Official launch partners to The Pratley Co

When, you ask? Soon, real soon.

Right now, we’re busy putting the final touches to a brand new device we’re making, as well as perfecting a pretty impressive smartphone app. We honestly feel that this will revolutionise the way you take, view and share photos and videos with your smartphone.

We’ll be launching soon on Kickstarter and we’re going to need your support.

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